Wanderer, The

Timothy J. Jarvis

Bald New World

Peter Tieryas Liu

Good Sex, Great Prayers

Brandon Tietz

Twilight of the Wolves

edward j rathke

Remember to Forget

Jonny Gibbings

Atheist's Prayer, The

Amy R. Biddle

Author news for January Jan 1 2016

Happy New year! Here's the latest author news to kick off January. Sheena Cundy has launched a facebook group for people interested in witchlit - Pagan Fiction, Pagan authors, Pagan issues and the...

New for December - Small Change Dec 17 2015

A Casebook of Scherer and Miller, Investigators of the Paranormal and Supermundane. While chain-smoking Roy Scherer might aspire to fill loafers better worn by Marlowe, Hammer and Spade, reality we...

Andrez Bergen for 0.99? Small Change at that! Dec 3 2015

To Celebrate the publication of Andrez's new book, Small Change. 0.99 e-book promotion on his backlist titles. Melbourne-born Andrez Bergen is an expatriate Australian author, journalist, DJ...

Author news for December Dec 1 2015

A roundup of author news, recent events, and things to watch out for in December. Joyce Luck will, on the Dec. 2nd, be giving a reading from The Master Yeshua at the College of San Mateo. There's ...

Perfect Edge, Perfect Offers Nov 21 2015

E-book Promotion - 0.99 (subject to tax) Until the end of November, these three fiction titles are on offer at Amazon as ebooks. All three come from the Perfect Edge imprint - Perfect Edge seeks b...

Featured book - Sixteen Small Deaths Oct 29 2015

With Halloween approaching, Christopher J. Dwyer's short story collection Sixteen Small Deaths, seemed like an especially appropriate book to draw your attention to. Sixteen Small Deaths is a coll...

Featured Book: 100 Years of Vicissitude Oct 25 2015

The story of identical twin geisha born on the first day of the Great Depression, one of whom loathes the other. "First up, a disclaimer. I suspect I am a dead man. I have meagre proof, no framed...