Wanderer, The

Timothy J. Jarvis

Bald New World

Peter Tieryas Liu

Good Sex, Great Prayers

Brandon Tietz

Twilight of the Wolves

edward j rathke

Remember to Forget

Jonny Gibbings

Atheist's Prayer, The

Amy R. Biddle

The Stream of a Fool’s Conscience Jun 15 2015

By Jason Donnelly If I’m to understand this holiday correctly, April 1st is a day to confess when you’ve been a fool or tell people that you are in fact, a fool. So, without further adieu (adi...

Depth Charging, now on sale Mar 10 2015

This ebook promotion will be running for all of March 2015! Grab your copy now for only 0.99, all currencies (subject to tax) and on all available platforms Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth by Andre...