Wanderer, The

Timothy J. Jarvis

Bald New World

Peter Tieryas Liu

Good Sex, Great Prayers

Brandon Tietz

Twilight of the Wolves

edward j rathke

Remember to Forget

Jonny Gibbings

Atheist's Prayer, The

Amy R. Biddle

Extract: Malaren by N.E. David Dec 1 2016

A moving and absorbing story of a man coming to terms with his grief. Pamela Hartshorne, author of Time’s Echo and House of Shadows   Malaren: A Swedish Affair N.E. David Extract ...

Q&A With Visitor Author Christopher Chase Walker Nov 25 2016

To celebrate the launch of The Visitor today, here's an interesting Q&A with its Brighton-based author, Christopher Chase Walker. Who are you and what do you do? Christopher Walker wa...

Author Peter Tieryas Liu Nov 15 2016

  Peter Tieryas Liu is the author of the new science fiction book, United States of Japan (Angry Robot Books), Bald New World (Perfect Edge Books) and Watering Heaven (Signal 8 Books).  B...

A guest post by author Nigel Cooper Nov 5 2016

Author Nigel Cooper gives us an exclusive extract of his second novel, along with some hard-hitting advice for would-be writers. Despite wanting to write novels since I was a child and doing a...

Publication Day: Dangerous Pilgrims Oct 28 2016

by Lawrence Swaim Extract: So I began to write the occasional Guatemala story. The bureau chief was a fallen Mormon who was extraordinarily sensitive to any story that questioned or focused o...

Dystopian Fiction Oct 24 2016

We are fish, swimming in a sea of advertising – and we don’t realise we’re drowning. What if we are already living in a kind dystopia, except we just don’t realise it. Article by novelist M...

The Rupturing State of America Oct 10 2016

First appeared in on Oct. 29, 2011 By Dan P. Greaney, author of The Worst Generation, published by Roundfire September 2016 Our forebears recognized that capable political instituti...