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Condimental Op, The

Andrez Bergen

Jul 2013

Noir, surrealism, comicbook asides and dystopian, hardboiled moments collide with snapshots of contemporary culture in Andrez Bergen's bag of tricks.

Sixteen Small Deaths: A Collection of Stories

Christopher J. Dwyer

May 2014

Sixteen Small Deaths is a collection of short fiction that will break your heart, shatter your soul and unravel the boundaries of space and time.

What Precision, Such Restraint

Phil Jourdan

Mar 2013

Stories of language, the mind, absence and the gutter.

Purgatory Press / After the End, The

John Culbert

Jul 2013

An ambitious publisher goes bankrupt, leaving behind a catalogue of extraordinary and improbable books. The characters in After the End all confront, in different ways, the question: what happens once everything is over and done with?